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Disposable Isolation Gowns

Spun bonded polypropylene made. Latex free.
Fluid-resistance for procedures requiring protection from spray and splatter
Comfortable fit with non-electric cuffs, tie-back waist and neck ties.
Knit cuffs provide more comfortable.
Available colors: Blue/Green/Yellow.
Package: 10pcs/pkg, 10pkg/ctn.

Ref.# Description
IG-060 30g/㎡, L 130X150cm
IG-061 30g/㎡, M 120X140cm
IG-062 30g/㎡, S 115X137cm
IG-063 40g/㎡, L 130X150cm
IG-064 40g/㎡, M 120X140cm
IG-065 40g/㎡, S 115X137cm